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Dyvvi is a simple, easy app to document, communicate, and exchange child care expenses for co-parents. Kodestarters developed the app.

Dyvvi is an app that facilitates minimal, yet efficient, communication between co-parents regarding financials concerning the children.

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Hip Money

Kodestarters helped take Hip Money from an MVP to a market ready application. Take a look at this innovative financial app. 

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goIDit provides the data you need to drive your success. With goIDit, you can track and instantly find any vehicle in your inventory which directly impacts your operational costs and improves your management controls and customer service. 

Kodestarters has been an amazing partner for the growth of my company. From their role in the development to their current help as an acting CTO, it has allowed me to focus on my company vision and doing the things I need to do to grow the product.
— Mark Z.