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A Proven
4-Step Process

At Kodestarters, we believe great code requires even greater questions, and a whiteboard. Through a proven 4-step process, we design, iterate, and prototype — incorporating user testing early and often. Using proven methodologies from industry leaders like IDEO, Google, and Stanford you’ll emerge with elegant, deliberate and user-tested software. 


Step 1: Workshop

The workshop phase lays the groundwork for the project. We’ll focus on defining the problem and identifying possible solutions. Significant focus lies in the creation of user personas and use cases to guide the design and architecture of the product.

Step 2: Design

The design phase prompts us to look at the problem from multiple perspectives, driven by the user-experience. We’ll work together to generate wireframes, prototypes, and experiences to validate the problem-solution statement.

Step 3: Architect

The architect phase evaluates the data so we can begin building the product. We’ll work together to prepare requirement definitions and data models necessary for a scalable software system, incorporating user-testing throughout. 

Step 4: Develop

The develop phase brings your project to life and your software is ready to deploy. In addition to the source code, you’ll have a working version of the application, css and javascript. We make sure you’re ready to connect with users and audiences worldwide.

Kodestarters is one of the best decisions we made for the future of our company. They didn’t just build us an app, they helped us position the entire business model and software plan for growth.